Moving a site to Dreamhost

I have my personal site with Dreamhost ( I want to move another site I handle from Jumpline to Dreamhost. Somehow since it’s been on Jumpline it has mysteriously become so convoluted that I can’t handle it. Every file and folder and image has triplicated and there are two folders with hundreds of spam. So I not only want to move it over, I want to cut out all the duplications and trash and bring just the basic site here. When I printed out the tree of the site it was 83 pages long. I asked Jumpline if I could cut it down to the basic structure and was told I could not delete any files. It’s too difficult to manage as it is. So my question is, how do I handle this? On my local site, do I cut out every thing except the files and folders I want to keep then upload it to Dreamhost? Do I open a new account with Dreamhost with this site’s URL ( I can do the very basics with a website, but that’s all I know.

I’ll suggest you to cut out everything except the files and folders you want to keep if they are spam files. Make a copy of your files before you delete anything.

If you want to host the domain on DH, you can follow this article

I have Legends registered with Network Solutions and hosted (right now) by Jumpline.

If I’m reading this right, I will be putting into a sub-domain of (my existing account on DreamHost), but when people go to legendsinourownminds it will show it as legendsinourownminds (not helenginger).

So the first step is to transfer Legends registration to DreamHost and the sub-domain will be (I’m not sure what mirroring means, but I assume it means it will mirror the current Legends site - which is why I need to delete all the crap that’s on the current site in the background) And this means I can’t just create a folder with a clean version of Legends on my computer then upload it to this host. I have to cut out all the extra stuff on the current remote site because that is what will transfer (mirror).

Signed, Helen, she who is not only a neophyte but scared of screwing it all up.

If you like to host your domain at DH, you will need to

  1. add your domain to your hosting via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain
  2. go back to your current registrar and modify the DNS as follows. By modifying the DNS, you are telling the Internet to host your domain at DH.

You don’t have to transfer the registration to DH.

Thank you. First, I’m going to try to clean up Legends, even though Jumpline said not to do that. Once that’s done, I will add Legends onto my DH panel as a sub-domain, then I will go to Network Solutions, the current registrar for Legends, and modify the DNS to the link you gave me:

Frankly, it makes no difference to me if I switch the registration to DH, as long as I can somehow get the Legends site back to manageable condition.