Moving A Site To DreamHost


Hi folks

Currently, I have a site that is hosted by a Cpanel host which I am looking to move to DreamHost.

The problem I have is moving the wordpress blog that is installed on the root directory. Other than Wordpress, the rest is just ftp’ing the files.

Can someone advise me on how should I go about it? Or, does DreamHost support assist with site move?

Thank you for reading…


DreamHost support can’t really help you with this, but it is not that difficult and you should be able to do it yourself with a little planning and preparation.

The WordPress Codex has an excellent article that describes step-by-step how to move a WordPress blog in most any situation, and you can find it at:

I think it does a better job of walking you through the process than I am likely to do here. You should read that material and give it a try! If you have a particular problem or question, post back here and I’m sure one of the wizards here can answer it for you.




thanks for your reply.

hopping over to check the document now…