Moving a site off of dreamhost. Can email stay?


Like the title says, I’m moving one of my sites to a friend’s server, but I’d like to not lose my email and have to re-setup all of the addresses. Is something like this at all possible?



As long as you continue to pay for hosting, then that setup will work fine.

You’ll have to delete your “Fully Hosted” domain, which will free up the DNS entries. Then you can add the IP address of your friend’s server for your web server. If you have mailboxes, DNS will continue to serve MX records for the domain.



I’m a little confused. Can you clarify a little on how that works?

I’ll be changing the dns records on the domain to point at my friends dns servers. How is it that dreamhost will continue to collect my email for the domain?


I’m not very good at this. I could be mis-leading you.

Are you able to customize MX record in your friend’s server to point it to DH?

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If your friend will also be running the DNS server for your domain, then copy down the DNS info from the Panel under Manage Domains section. By clicking “DNS” next to your domain name, it’ll show your MX records and “” IP addresses.

I suggest you add something similar to this to your friend’s DNS entries for your domain (double check the Panel for this info):
MX 0
MX 0

CNAME for “” as “

You can get the mailserver name by clicking Account Status in the upper right corner of the panel.