Moving a site from one user to another


I’m still grappling with the whole user/domain approach of DH.

I created a user, say USER_ONE, and “gave” control of a domain DOMAIN_ONE to that user. So the files for DOMAIN_ONE are under /USER_ONE/DOMAIN_ONE

I have another user, USER_TWO, who controls all the other domains.

I now want to move DOMAIN_ONE from USER_ONE and “give” it to USER_TWO so that I can then delete USER_ONE.

As I understand things, I have to change the FTP user for the domain to USER_TWO. But the files still remain in /USER_ONE/DOMAIN_ONE. To fully transfer the domain, I then have to copy all the files from /USER_ONE/DOMAIN_ONE into /USER_TWO/DOMAIN_ONE.

Can that really be right? That I have to download and upload the entire website just to move it to a new FTP user? Also, if I have a SQL database in DOMAIN_ONE, this has to be completely recreated for its new life under USER_TWO.

Is it really so difficult or have I got something wrong?

And as an allied question (although lazy of me as I haven’t searched for a solution yet), is there an easy way of copy an entire site from one FTP site to another so I don’t have to download via my PC?


Yes, you’ll have to move everything, but why bother? What’s wrong with keeping User 1 alive?

To move your stuff over, you can tar up the domain directory and use command line FTP here at DreamHost to copy it over. No need to download it to home, then upload it to the other account.

Log in as User 1, then:
tar -cvf domain.tar

That’ll copy your entire into a single file called mydomain.tar. And then log in as User 2, then:
ftp (FTP over to the User 1 account)
get mydomain.tar (transfer the tarfile over)
tar -xvf domain.tar (copies the folder out of the tarfile)

Moving the database over is a bit easier:



Thanks for your swift and comprehensive reply. As to your first question, I just don’t want to have an unweildy collection of users but would rather manage everything from one “super user”. But now to your main suggestion.

OK, command line FTP is something new to me. From a little research I gather that I should instull PuTTY on my Windows PC and use that to “talk” to my DH account in ways that I can’t do via their web based GUI. Is that waht you mean by “log in”?

Using PuTTY I should be able to do both the TAR and unTAR transfer and the MYSQL transfer.

One question before I get going on this, when you say:

ftp (FTP over to the USER_ONE account) what do you mean? How do I get a list/refernce for the shell commands like FTP and TAR

Sorry foir th ignorance but this is a beginners forum after all.


Well I’m a quick learner. All done thanks.

Just for completeness in case anyone picks up this thread later, the comman:


returns requesting a username and password. I enter the USER_ONE details and then I am logged into USER_ONE’s FTP site operating from the local server of USER_TWO. So the “get” command transfers domain.tar to the USER_TWO site where the next “tar” command unpacks it.

Thanks Scott.


Cool! I’m glad it was almost as easily done as said.