Moving a site from one user to another

hi, i’ve just set up a site for a friend, but didnt give them ftp access. now i want to, but the ftp space i gave them contains none of their files etc. how can i move their site to the new area, and give them full control over their site, but allow me to delete them if they post anything dodgy?

The easiest way is to just move the application/files to their user space, and then log in as that use when/if you need to delete something.

Or, you could just leave it as it is, running as your user, and provide your friend with an online FTP facility (I like and highly recommend ffileman for this purpose, as it is perl based and not subject to DH PHP upload filesize limitation). Actually, this is my method of handling such tings, as I retain complete control of all files )though, you’d essentially have the same thing loggin in as his user :wink: ).