Moving a single WordPress powered site from Shared to VPS



I have a website that is getting enough traffic to cause some issues with performance in our shared account. We would like to move this site only to a new VPS account. This site runs on WordPress.

Can someone explain what I have heard about having a VPS for web and a MySQL VPS? I don’t see anything on the DreamHost site about costs for a MySQL specific VPS.

Does this mean I would need 2 VPS accounts?

Also, how would I go about moving just this single website. We want to keep the others on the shared account.


When you create a VPS you can choose to move all your users there or not. You can move users one by one after the VPS has been created.

There are indeed two different types of VPS. I think the pricing is identical.

When you migrate a site to a VPS you can still use the shared database server, so you don’t need to get a MySQL VPS.
You could also decide to only get a MySQL VPS and continue to host the site on shared hosting.