Moving a Joomla! 3.22 site on localhost to Dreamhost Servers


I’ve recently built a Joomla! 3.22 site on my localhost using MAMP. The site is ready to be moved to a staging site on a live server with Dreamhost. I’ve pored through all the documentation available from Joomla! and the Dreamhost Wiki and am still unsure about what I need to do to ensure that site can be installed and used successfully.

Dreamhost’s one-click install is Joomla! 2.5x which is making feel uneasy since there are differences between the two versions and I really do not want to have to rebuild the site from scratch again.

The tutorials and the documentation don’t seem to be very clear either, since this site doesn’t belong to me but I do have admin rights to set stuff up if necessary.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.