Moving a Frontpage site

I am getting ready to move a site that was built w/Frontpage and apparently has FP extensions enabled.

I don’t use FP. I don’t want the site to be down for any period of time. It is a community site.

Q: Can I just move the site to DH and not enable FP extensions and have everything be just fine? After I change the DNS and move the files here, should I be able to access and maintain this site with no problems?

I appreciate your responses!

Linda G. Taylor


As long as the site you want to move is not using anything specific to Frontpage (Themes, forms, navigation, etc) then you should be fine to just FTP the files and be done with it.

You might also want to run it through the editor you are going to use to make sure everything still looks and functions the same. Another suggestion, try viewing your pages other than IE. Frontpage (and other such MS products) have a nasty habit of looking totally different in Mozilla/FireFox and others…

Hope everything works out well for ya!