Moving a file?

I have a few, large video files which need moving from one user to another. I need to have two different FTP logins, and since we can’t nest user folders, I can’t seem to figure out a way to move them.

I would rather not download them and then upload them again. I only have a cable connection with 300kbit/s upstream.

In other words, I have files in
and want the files moved to

I’d rather have /user1/ and
/user1/, granting FTP access to user2 for domain… but it seems like I’ll never get that :o(

There are programs out there that do FTP-to-FTP transfers, thereby skipping your local pc system in the transfer. That might do the trick.

Scooter Software’s Beyond Compare is one of these tools, and it comes in a free trial version. It’s great for folder/folder, folder/FTP, file/file comparisons too, by the way.

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See the other recent thread about this ( Assuming you have shell access to both, you can do this easily with scp (or from the command line ftp client, for that matter).

I was the recipient of the advice from Will referenced in the link.

I used rsync and it couldn’t have been easier. I was dealing with a crappy cable connection where the connection dies, I have to unplug the cable and re-screw it in, then power cycle the modem and it comes back on. So FTP’ing to my box for backup purposes was frustrating.

I still don’t know what would have happened if I had lost the connection right in the middle of a transfer (telnet session died), but I think it moved 1+ gig of files in 5 (or no more than 10) minutes. I spot checked the transfer, did du -h to compare the directory sizes, etc before deleting the originals.


Also, if the two users are on the same machine, you can just copy the files directly (from the command line).

user2@machine% cp /home/user1/blahblahblah/file /home/user2/blahblahblah/

ok, that worked. thanks!