Moving a domain's hosting between accounts


Anyone know how to move a domain’s hosting between accounts, without interrupting service?

My first attempt was a failure - my customers got:

Domain Cloaking Error
We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking
for your domain!
Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domain > Web area and click the
[Edit] link next to to re-configure cloaking.

Error: no domain

for a while. :frowning:



If you’re trying to transfer between Dreamhost accounts, you should just contact support and they can do it for you painlessly.


domain moves from account to account are definately NOT painless. Please read this kbase article for details : services


Good to know. I apologize for my post.

I had heard from a couple people that it had been done for them without any fuss.



I note that says:

[quote]You must contact support and ask wether a move is a
"cross cluster" move or not ( if mx records are different,
then move is cross cluster ). If not, then we can move
your services for a nominal fee


but since asking here, Support have answered mentioning
no fee for mobing services but saying

[quote]There will be some downtime, since the domain will be
moved to a different machine.


not mentioned above. Anyone know why moving a domain between machines should cause downtime? I’d expect none to be necessary. Thanks.


W.r.t. DH’s

[quote]Once you have completed this process, contact support
and we will move your existing domains over to the new account.



[quote]There will be some downtime, since the domain will be
moved to a different machine.


can anyone explain to me why I should not just remove the domain from srouce account and immediately add it to destination account, relying on TTL to avoid any interruption in service?