Moving 6GB MySql database?

I have current hosting with a company that I wish to leave. I have a site with a 6gb database, my question is, can I move this to DH and if so how? I am aware of dumps, but downloading and uploading a database of this size wouldn’t be the best option.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

I seem to recall a 2GB soft limit on DBs, but I can’t find that in the wiki. Maybe it was mentioned in these forums. You may want to ask Support directly and I’m sure they’ll direct you to a VPS or dedi.

You have to move the data somehow, so if you don’t want to export, download, upload, and import, you’ll need to allow your new DB’s IP to access your old DB, then clone it directly. I’ve only cloned from localhost to a remote DB and vice versa, so I can’t help with the details.

I’m quite happy to allow any access needed if DH can get the database moved. Is that a viable option?

I don’t think DH is going to move it for you. You originally stated can I move this to DH. If you had asked can DH move this to DH for me, I think the answer would have been no. Unless something has changed dramatically recently, DH has been mostly self-service since I joined a few years ago.

Thanks for your help, Much appreciated. I’ll look into this further as I am unaware of commands and how exactly to move such a large file from one server to another.

With a database of such a large size, you’ll want to upload your mySQL file via SFTP into your home directory, and then import via shell. We provide instructions in this article here:
Please note that for this large of a database, these steps are most likely going to take hours, and may time out, so patience is necessary! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please let us know or submit a support ticket and our team will be happy to help you!