Movinf domain names

I have many domain names registered with DH within my account. I want to break a couple out into their own accounts and turn them over to other people. The reason is so that they can use their credit card to pay the yearly fee’s instead of mine. It will be domain reg only and not hosting. How would I go about this process?

Thank You,
Joe Mezz

That’s just a registration transfer. They’ll need your Auth code which is listed in the panel, and then they can request the transfer. All of this is handled under Domains -> Reg. Transfer.


I want to give him a URL. Name and Password and have his domain name sitting there for him waiting for him to take over payments.

If i make another account on his behalf and push his domain there … won’t it cost me money??

You said domain registration, and not hosting.

Currently it sounds like you’re paying for the registration, and paying for the hosting. If you want to completely turn over a domain registration and its hosting, the recipient will first need to set up a hosting account here. They will have to pay full price (no promo code) if they want to host what used to be your domain here. This prevents discount hopping.

I’d then initiate a Reg. Transfer for the domain registration itself. While I’m waiting for that to process, I’d back up all site data (files and database). Support will need to get involved, as existing domains can’t be re-hosted here on a different account without intervention. Support may even be able to transfer the data, but I wouldn’t count on it.