Moveing Expired Registration to DreamHost

I had a site registered with GoDaddy that expired. I was in the process of transferring registration to DreamHost but slacked on it until after it expired. Do I need to renew registration with GoDaddy to be able to transfer it to DreamHost since it is parked at GoDaddy? It seems dumb to pay GoDaddy then turn right around and pay DreamHost for the same registration just because I want to remove association with GoDaddy. I already had hosting set up at DreamHost and had removed private registration to prepare for the transfer.

It’s a Good news and bad news thing…

First yes you need to recover the domain via godaddy first. Second you may have to wait 60days to transfer it, but while you wait you can certainly change the nameservers to dreamhosts (,, and in a few hours the DNS will be managed by dreamhost.

So the good news, when you do transfer the domain there is a year added to the expiration, meaning you really aren’t out any money for having to reactivate it at godaddy then later transfer it.

Sounds good! Thanks for your help.