Moved server without warning

Do DreamHost ever move sites/domains from one web server to another without warning ?

I have a number of domains where I run the DNS and the web sites are hosted at DH. This morning they all stopped working (http_conf errors).

It appears that my domains have been moved from one webserver (spree) to another (york) over night. All reference to spree has gone from my web panel (including my crontab jobs). All the DNS records now have different IP address for www.

Is it normal to be moved from server to server without warning ?

I raised a support incident 12 hours ago now, no response yet.

Server changes can happen for a few reasons, but they usually try to contact you first unless it’s a dire emergency. It’s usually due to someone hogging the resources. Or even a DOS attack on a specific server.

Now that you’ve updated your DNS, is everything working again? It’s unlikely they’d move you again for a long while. I’ve never been moved.


Most things were working after I updated my DNS. My MediaWiki install stopped working due to path changes.

The initial path (set by the one click install) was:


I have now had to change that to:


Apparently the auto responder that is supposed to tell people about server moves is broken.

I never use the .machinename in my path, and everything still works fine. That part of the path is often autogenerated by the installer and is unnecessary.

Your autoresponder is broken? What kind of autoresponder?


I hadn’t realised that upside was a machine name, anyway it is gone now.

Not my autoresponder, the guy I was talking to said there was supposed to be an autoresponder that told people when they were moving server, but that it isn’t working at the moment. Which is why I had no warning of my move.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used a one-click install… but don’t/didn’t the success emails usually include additional steps… including the removal of /.whatever?

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