Moved Domain to a different Username, no email now


At the time of posting this, I had submitted this question to the support team 2 days 13 hours ago, and I have not received a response, and thought I would give a go at posting here.

I have a domain, that was running under my main username account that was made for me when I signed up. I decided to create another user account that would have all of the website data underneath it instead of under the primary user name.

However, when I did this, I noticed that my email address with this primary username@domain got deleted, and when I try to add it, it generates an email account m234253 (or something similar) for that. This is different than it was before I moved the domain. The actual usernames I had established had the actual mailbox name so that I wouldn’t need to memorize a random mailbox name for when I login to the email (like through Thunderbird).

Is it possible for me to generate this email account again? I thought that moving the domain to run under another user wouldn’t have been a very big of a deal, but it appears to be a lot more challenging than I thought. When I go to the mail tab in the configuration panel, there are no email addresses shown.

Thanks a lot!,