Moved domain and caching woes - any ideas?

Hello. I’ve recently helped install a new site and move the hosting from an academic institution’s server to Dreamhost. It’s been around 3 weeks, I can see the new site just fine and so can other people I’ve asked. The site owner, however, is still seeing the old site despite clearing cache and flushing DNS.

Can anyone suggest anything else I might try to ensure that people see the new site?

Thanks in advance!

There’s nothing that you can do, as it’s a DNS issue at their end. My guess is that the site owner’s DNS is set to use the school’s, and they think they’re still authoritative for it.

They can try to set their first DNS server to something else, such as OpenDNS ( so it looks there first, and then falls back to the school’s for any internal searches (maybe).


That concurs with what I thought. I just wanted to get some other ideas to be sure. Dreamhost support said much the same thing, and it turns out that the client can see the site using a proxy, which demonstrated to them that the problem lay with their internet setup.

Anyway… Thanks!