Moved A Site To Medium - Help Needed With Links


I recently moved one of my sites over to Medium now they allow custom domains. And when I say ‘moved my site’, I really mean moved my domain because you can’t take anything with you so to speak.

My site e.g. was previously on Wordpress, so moving to Medium meant starting again. However old article links simply go to a standard Medium 404 page, they don’t direct to on Medium if that makes sense.

Medium themselves say they can’t do anything about this. What I was wondering though, and bare in mind I have limited knowledge so stupid question probably coming up: can I change anything in my DH database that would change all my old links to the homepage?

E.g. so someone clicks on and it would go to

I’m assuming this isn’t possible, but any help would be much appreciated.



After reading this several times I realize that what you are asking is can broken links be redirected to just That would need to be done on the Medium side, it would be considered error handling, I.e. if page not found then top level of

With dreamhost disconnected from the domain, changing something on the dreamhost side wouldn’t have any effect anyway.