MoveableType Version 2


Does DreamHost successfully allow people to run Moveabletype Version 2 on their systems? (or is it a hassle?)

Are there any examples of DH sites running MT2.0 ?



i believe it will work on our system, although i’ve heard support mentioning the fact that their installer script or something thinks that it won’t (so there are some issues with the installation process).

i don’t have any specific examples of customers using it though.

Is there tech support from DreamHost to work around the installer script problem? As you might guess, I’m curious about this too…


yeah - since i’ve heard about it from them, i’d imagine they know the score pretty well by now. i think that if you just ignore the warnings, or override them somehow they’ll just work.

i will try to get someone in tech support to post with further details on this though.

Thanks - that’s great help!

I was up-grading from 1.4 and it went flawlessly no warnings(except one optional module which I didn’t care about) – still haven’t got everything (forms & such) set-up how I want them (didn’t have 1.4 set-up the way I wanted either) but that’s mostly because other things have grabbed my attention…

Has anyone noticed that is actually unavailable?

I upgraded from 1.4 to 2.0 without any problems, just followed the instructions as written. I did need to upload some additional/optional Perl modules back when I upgraded to 1.4 from whatever version I was using before. Everything has always run fine, no problems at all.


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This is excellent info, and very reassuring; thanks to everyone for chiming in.

(prufrock, the MoveableType site is