Moveable type uninstall

So I installed Moveable type but decided to delete it. Unfortunately a php file with two other files in it won’t delete!

What can I do to delete it? I want to install wordpress but I can’t untill everything else is gone

thanks :slight_smile:

Moveable Type is a Perl script. It doesn’t use PHP. That PHP directory was installed by something else.

Either case, you can remove it by using -f: rm -rf php

thanks for the help! but as someone who is totally new to this…what do you mean by “-f: rm -rf php”

thanks :slight_smile:

oh, guess you’re not using SSH.

okay, you got a problem. Who installed those files? Like I said earlier, MoveableType is Perl, not PHP. Smarty is a PHP temple engine that has absolutely no connections with MoveableType.

And the command I ment was rm -rf php. rm is the command line program for removing files. -r means recursive (ie; directories and under) and -f means force. As long as the files are owned by your user account, it can force remove them.

The php directory was included with moveable type.


Interesting. I’m checking out the new MT and I see it lists PHP as a requirement now. Very interesting. My version doesn’t touch PHP. I run version 3.0D.

i don’t get why I wouldn’t be able to delete that directory though. maybe something to do with phpmyadmin?

it’s marked read only, in windows terms. In Unix terms, write permissions have been removed on the directory. Permission was 555, instead of 755. 7 stands for read, write and execute. In the first position, it means 7 for owner (you). 5 is just read and execute.

If you’re using and FTP application, there should be an option to set permissions. Make sure it’s set to at least 750: drwxr-x-- (that’s how the FTP application will see it).

each directory is set to 755 and I still can’t delete it…

K, check the parent directory and make sure that’s also writeable by you. Also check to make sure the directories are owned by now (if they aren’t there’s a problem. They should be).

If all else fails, did you enable SSH on your user account? Log in via SSH and do an ls -l * within your php/ directory and post the results.

ok, the parent dir. is set to 755

I downloaded putty SSH but i’m definitely having trouble. I can log in but i’m lost after that. i’m sorry that i’m not being much help…

well, from putty I’d think you’d just go ahead and delte the directory if you can. To accomplish this, the first thing to do will be to ‘move’ into the parent directory of the folder you want to delete. to do this you’ll use the “cd” command. (the directory structure here is the same as ftp) First, move into your direcoty - tyep:

actauly, after you’ve typed the first few letter of the directory you can press tab and it should auto complete for you. If the directory you want to delete is directly under the folder, then we can move onto deleteing, if not, move into the appropiate direcoty.

You can see the files and folders in your current directory by typing “ls” - that will list all of the files.

Once you’re in the right place, it’s time to delete that annoying directory. Be sure not to delete the wrong thing here, theres no recycle bin. you’ll use the “rm” command, but with a few options. If the direcotry you want to delete is called mt, then you’d type:
rm -rf mt

That will hopefully clear out the directory for you.


nevermind! I finally figured it out.

thank you very much for all the help guys!I really really apreciate it :slight_smile: