Moveable Type installation



I tried WordPress…liked it. Now I want to try Moveable Type to test it. I read over the installation directions and I think maybe I should ask some questions here first.

For example, do I need to make a special cgi-bin folder or anything? Or…do .pl files work in any folder?

From what I understand, I just have to upload the MT files to a unix directory I create and update the config file.

Are there any special things I should make sure of or consider?

I don’t want to do all this work and get stuck over something simple. Thanks.


You do not need a specific cgi-bin as they will run anywhere.

But see this link in the DreamHost Wiki about perl.

Also look at this link about Movable Type pathnames and here for info about perl modules .

You might try creating a subdomain to test in. Then if it all goes wrong just delete and start again :slight_smile:



Thanks Norm. :slight_smile: