Moveable Type 4.0

Hi. I’d like to install Movable Type 4.0 on one of my DH-hosted domains. I have earlier versions installed and working without any problem.

But when I follow MT4’s installation instructions, the installation wizard (which is new to MT4) never gets past the first step, and says it can not find the mt-static folder. I’ve tried placing it in various locations – including where the directions indicate – and have given all the files full execute privileges in my FTP program. But no luck.

Has anyone actually gotten MT4 installed and working on a DH-hosted domain?

Any advice will be very appreciated.

Thank you!

I got it working fine with no problems.

Basically I uploaded the zip file to where I wanted the main folder, unzipped it via shell access and renamed the resulting folder to mt then went to to set it up mt-static was in this folder.

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Thanks, monkeyboy.

I’ve got the files in those locations, and all the cgi files have maximum permission (777) and when I run, I get a 500 Internal Server Error.

I tried editing mt-config.cgi to point to a valid existing database (using the same specs as from the mt-config.cgi of a working installation of MT 3.2, located in a totally different folder) and get the same 500 Internal Server Error.

There must be something I’m overlooking, but even after consulting the Troubleshooting page at the Six Apart site, I can’t figure out what.

So frustrating!

Since DreamHost runs CGI under suEXEC, setting permissions to 777 will produce 500 Internal server errors!

Even if instructions with a program tell you to set permissions to 777, on DreamHost you should use 755 instead.


Thank you, rlparker.

I tried that. Yet I’m still getting the 500 Internal server errors.

Movable Type installation and upgrading has always seemed incredibly finicky. I eventually get it working, but it always involves a lot of trial and error.

At this point, I can’t even get the new installation wizard to run, though the one time I did get it running it was never satisfied with the location of the mt-static folder, no matter where I put it, and so I was I was unable to get past the first wizard step.

Thanks again.

You are welcome, and I understand that sometimes getting perl based scripts to run correctly is challenging (particularly MT - it has always been that way).

Beside the permissions issue(s), the second most common cause of 500 Internal Server Errors with perl scripts has to do with non-*nix style line endings.

Files edited on Winbloze or older MAC systems using many (most) common editors have incorrect line-ending character sequences, and this often causes errors, as does uploading the script files in Binary mode instead of “ASCII” mode (depending upon your FTP client, a “related” issue).

I’ve often gotten scripts that were not running to work by simply starting over after deleting all the files from the server, making sure that all files were saved in an editor that uses *nix line endings, and re-uploading them to the directory in ASCII mode.

It would also help to see what is causing the problem if you inspect the contents of your apache error log for additional clues as to where the problem lies.