Move Wordpress Website to a New Domain on Dreamhost


I have a wordpress website at the domain that I created using the Dreamhost one-click install. I need to change my business name, and so I have to get a new domain and copy my current wordpress website to the The new domain will also be hosted with Dreamhost (you guys are great!) I also need to keep my old website because I am going to turn that site into a blog and use some of the content that is already there. How

I only know a small amount about the inner workings of wordpress, so please speak to me like I am dumb and give details.

Please help :slight_smile:

its fairly simple process. first add your new domain name to be fully hosted. then on the old domain go to the wp admin general settings and change the site url and wordpress url to the new domain name. please be advised the site will be inaccessible at this point. next via ftp or ssh rename the new domain name folder to and rename to the and finally rename to if you want you can create a new hostmask in the mysql section for your new domain but you do not have to as domain names are interchangeable anyway and its just for show really. if you do want to use a hostmask with the same new domain you will also need to update wp config with the new hostmask.

I used these instructions, but I now get a “too many redirects” error. Can someone please help?

PS. I used them a couple weeks ago, in the exact same circumstances, without any issue. In both cases, I was moving dreamhosted wordpress sites from to The only difference was that the move I did a few weeks ago was for a site instead of a domain. com site.


UPDATE: The site is working now. I didn’t do anything, it just started working about 1 hour since going through those steps.

I am attempting this as well, only with moving wordpress from an expired domain to a new domain. Im not sure where to access the WP settings. Any help is appreciated

Hi Clark, just follow Ryo-ohki’s tip above and that should do it.

I, too, am attempting to use the Duplicator plugin to move a site to Dreamhost. I successfully get to the “Test” step, but on step 2, Remove Permalinks, I get the error: “Error establishing a database connection”, with suggestions that I may have an incorrect user name or password, or that the database server may not be running.

However, if I look at the wp-config.php file, it appears to have the correct username and password, and I can log in to the database with PHPMyAdmin, and see that it is running.

I note that I get the same error if I try logging in to the WP site on Dreamhost.

Where might I look next to identify my error?
Ah–I found a peculiar value in the Hosts section of the wp-config file. I replaced that with the host name for the database, and now I’m past that error, and on to a new one…the login page briefly appears, then is replaced with a Error: redirect_uri_mismatch page. (I’m wondering if this is related to the Google login plugin.)

Yup! I went back and removed the Google login plugin, repackaged, reuploaded, reinstalled–and all is well. I did need to correct the user name, password, and host name in the wp-config file; I think they were odd because of the development server I was using.