Move wordpress site from old domain to new domain



I created a Wordpress site on I now want to move the site to a new domain - And I want to redirect the old domain ( to the new one.

A previous thread told how to do this by adjusting wp admin general settings, which i can not find. So I tried changing the web directory settings on the old domain to the new domain. Didn’t work.

Could you please help me out with this? Obviously not that savvy under the hood. Thanks :slight_smile:


What your looking for in the admin is under settings > general

The easiest method is to have both domains under the same FTP/shell user. Make the change in wp-admin and then rename -> TEMP, ->, TEMP ->

You will also have additional things to clean up either by searching site manually and editing links or editing the posts table using phpmyadmin, just depends how big the site is and how much experience you have with phpmyadmin as to which is quicker/easier for you.


Thanks LakeRat, but now I’ve completely messed the site up. Yikes. Anyway you and I could talk directly?


It appears the site is loading at but attempting to load css from

I don’t take phone calls as I’m usually on the phone or expecting it to ring, you can email me with the button on this forum, but that takes others trying to solve the same problem out of the loop.


yes I see the CSS issue. Problem is I can’t access WP admin from either domain. I get a 404 not found :frowning:


switch the directories over via rename and you should be able to access it under the new name.

When I add /wp-admin to the page it tries to redirect me to the new domain name, which of course doesn’t have what’s being looked for.


thanks for you help LakeRat. I’m clearly out of my league. If only i knew how to access directories via rename! I’ve signed up for some phone support via Dreamhost. Hopefully that will help :slight_smile:


I’m not sure which stage you are right now, but you should have read this before you move your site.