Move Wordpress installed on temp url

I have a site that I am finishing today that the client (a church) wants launched before Easter tomorrow. They had an existing site that is still on their old host. ( I used Dreamhost’s temporary site method of establishing a mirror site
( . The files are all on the DH server IN although everything was accessed and set up in the

As I go through this I see all the URL paths using this type of name as
Obviously when I go live I think it will all be broken when I go to

I am brand new to WP and scared to death. Can any of you tell me how to deal with this?

Mostly I am wondering if anyone has instructions specific to the temporary Dreamhost setup? Again, the files are all where they need to be on the servers already. The problem is that the paths go to instead of

Its super easy really. Log into your admin section and on the dashboard you will see Settings. Just update the wordpress url and site url accordingly :slight_smile:

Ahhhhhhhhh this was driving me crazy and I knew it had to be something really simple… thank you!