Move wordpress from sub domain to folder?

Is there anyway I can move Wordpress from a sub domain to a new folder on the main domain without reinstalling it? I just don’t want to have to start over. Speaking of, does anyone have any suggestions for a more effective way to alter the style sheet without using the theme editor. I would love to be able to open it in Text Wrangler and go from there. By the way, if it isn’t obvious, I don’t know any PHP. Thanks for any response.

Have a look at this article on the WP codex. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps some.

Yeah, you can alter the whole theme without using the Theme Editor. Or any of the WP files. Here’s a piece of advice: Even if you used the one-click install to install WP (or any program), download the install file and extract it, so you have a copy on your hard drive to work from. You should edit files on your hard drive to match any changes you make on the site (or change them on your hard drive, then upload to your site via FTP; that way, you always have a copy of what’s on your site).

Anyway, go into the wp-content folder, then click on the themes folder, and choose the theme you’re using. You can also put new themes in that folder, if you don’t want to alter the default, classic and any other themes in there. But if you do want to alter them, you just go into the folder of the theme you want to change (i.e., default). You can change the style.css file in it on your hard drive and upload it to your site in the same folder, letting it overwrite the old file. However, if you want to make changes not set by the style sheet, you’ll want to learn more about designing themes, which is also available on the WP codex.


A word of advice, one that applies to customizing any web application theme, not just Wordpress: If you’re going to be modifying one of the provided themes rather than creating your own, make a copy of the theme directory you want to modify and use that copy for your changes, don’t just start mucking about in the pre-installed ones.

For example, in Wordpress, copy the default theme directory to a directory named new-theme (or something descriptive). You can modify that to your heart’s content, but this way you’ve always got the original to revert back to if you make a mistake.

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Yes, that’s definitely the best way to do it. Once you’ve made the theme the way you want, go into your admin and choose Presentation, then select the theme you want to be the default theme.