Move website from one dreamhost user to another


A friend of mine was hosting my websites on Dreamhost so far, but now I want to move them under my account (that I just created) in Dreamhost as well.

Can you advise what we need to do?

Vivi :slight_smile:

Just make sure your receiving account doesn’t have a promo code/referrer attached to it. If you need any help feel free to use our LiveChat or submit a ticket!

Hi, actually I am using a promo code! What is the issue? Can I do it after the two weeks trial period? Wouldn’t it be ok then?

This is mainly to protect against fraud (for instance: making a new account every year to use a new code). However we’re happy to manually review any situation and make exceptions as needed. :slight_smile:

Please submit a ticket with details of the situation and let me know when that’s done; I’ll take a look to see if there’s anything we can do!

Hi, I have sent a ticket. I tried reading the Moving domains between accounts link that you sent me, but since I am new at this I am not sure I understand which move situation my issue belongs to. Can you please advise?

You’ll want to have your friend follow option 4 in the wiki.

Please keep in mind that the data will need to be moved manually between accounts. I’ll also be emailing you shortly as well; please be on the lookout!

Hi Elle S, Just wondering, why is it considering “protecting against fraud”, because I got the same problem with a website a promo code (now it’s fixe) but I don’t understand your policy with that. I think it may be easy to check fraud after, and delete account if you got problem with that, no?

I am backing up my files in ftp right now (option 2.)
For option 3, as I am have a wordpress website, if I backup the files through Tools>Export, am I covered? Do I need to do anything else?
Then I will ask my friend to perform option 6.

The site I will be transferring first is
Thank you.

may i ask one question please?
move web site from one host to another host same as move domain?

I see that you were helped via ticket already, if you have any further questions please let me know!

It is similar, but we have written a separate guide for that which can be found here:

If you have any further questions please let me know.