Move to shared to vps


I’m a Crazy Domain Insane user for several years, and now I’m evaluating to move my domains to VPS.

I have searched the forum, but I think that things have changed and I want to verify a couple of things:

  1. Now, It’s not necessary to keep a service plan (in my case CDI) if I only use VPS, right? in this case, what must I do? cancel or not renovate CDI?

  2. If question 1 is right… All services that I have now (mysql databases, mail, etc) will be kept?


  1. Correct. If you move all of your users and domains to the VPS, then you can cancel your shared hosting plan (Crazy Domain Insane in your case, but this will be Happy Hosting for most newer customers).

  2. Yes. MySQL databases and email are included with VPS and dedicated server plans as well as on shared hosting.

I know you posed this question a long time ago, but I’m actually curious… did you move to a VPS? And how’d it work out for you? I’m running into the same questions you had… “do I even need a VPS? and if so, how big?”.