Move to Private Server has been a disaster

There were reliablity problems with the first server Dreamhost had me on. They moved me to another server and the problems cleared up. However with all of the problems that I had on the first server I put myself on the private server waiting list. All I can say is the move to the private server, instead of being an improvement, has been a disaster. I woke up this morning to all of my sites being down. If I look at the private server graph of cpu and memory usage it shows a precipitious drop down to just about zero right after midnight. That means I think that all of my sites have been down for about 6 hours. That means no income for six hours, users who conclude my sites aren’t working, google perhaps coming by and noticing they are not online.
When I first started with dreamhost they were wonderful. Great uptime record, reliable service. But I think I’m ready to throw in the towel and change hosts. Any recommendations. Thanks in advance for your help.

All the best,
Ted Sudol

Do you want suggestions for alternative hosts providing similar services or do you want suggestions for getting your sites working under Dreamhost PS better?

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You try “rebooting” your server?

I’ve moved both my site and sql over to VPS’s and both were pretty smooth. The first move though I did need to reboot my server once and everything’s been running smooth for months. I had my databases moved over to a VPS for MySQL and that went without a hitch.

Like I said, try rebooting if you haven’t already done so. I’ve been very happy with the VPS’s, they rock!

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Just wanted to say that back when I got converted over to PS, support emailed me to have me stop rebooting the server on them. Apparently, they were still in the process of getting my PS working and I was rebooting the server on them, creating problems.

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I know the feeling, I contacted support to that effect and they made some fixes and convinced me to keep my hosting with them. Now everythings running smooth as silk, better than ever.

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