Move to new host a disaster

Everything worked great on jagara, now with the relocation I’ve been put on worth. It should be called worthless. Everything is so slow and things just keep on timing out. The load average at the moment is huge:

05:54:01 up 20 days, 21:37, 5 users, load average: 66.63, 63.02, 53.60

A step backwards I’d say.

Is this a new migration? If the migration is still underway the loads might be due to other accounts still being moved onto the server, or final clean-up/checking processes, etc. creating disk thrashing.

How can I tell if it’s a new migration or not? I got an e-mail saying it was completed but nothing telling me in it that actually it may not have completed yet.

It would be a new migration if you received the email somewhat recently.


I sincerely apologize for the lack of communication and downtime.
You’re currently being affected by the server migration.
Though the migration might be finished for your account we are finishing a few other migrations.
This would be causing the server load to be higher than normal and causing downtime.
Our admins are aware of the issue & are working to resolve this asap.
Your patience is appreciated in this matter.
Again, I sincerely apologize for the downtime.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

The e-mail sent to me said “moved account” not “moving account”. I understand that others hosted with me may also be in the throws of being moved which affects the system load, however it would have been nice if the e-mail had warned me of that rather than implied the opposite.

Furthermore the message says "That’s it, really… and we really apologize for any inconvenience which may have resulted from this move! ". Again the past tense is used, which implies no more affect on me, but now you’re saying otherwise.

Can I have an ETA please?


Hi Nigel,

I apologize for any confusion I may have caused.
The migration for your account (and everyone else’s) have concluded.
They were just finished yesterday, and now our admins are working on balancing the servers.
Hopefully this all can be resolved fairly soon. I know a lot of customers sites affected by the move have been coming online again. No exact ETA as to when everything will be resolved.
I completely understand your frustration & we appreciate your patience regarding this matter.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

Hi Justin,

How’s progress? The load average on worth is still over 6 and I’m still seeing timeouts when visiting my page. Do you have an ETA yet?



Update - this morning load average on worth is above 17.


The load is relatively normal at the moment, Nigel. Are there any specific errors or other behaviors we can investigate on any specific sites though? Let me know and I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

The specific error you can start with is that the host is so overloaded that nothing displays, for example I get a timeout trying to display my home page. And even if you’re lucky and don’t get a timeout it can take up to a minute to load, whereare on the old machine it was nearly instantaneous. That is not “relatively normal” behaviour IMHO - it used to work fine before the transfer.


work with that one… something changed, or something of yours needs tweaked, or something needs cleared or reset as a result of the move.

Nigel, I just emailed you. If what I suggested sounds like something you can work with, please email Jen D as I proposed and we will get that moving for you. Thanks!

Is this to do with the site? It’s HTML - it should load faster than it is presently even if the load is in the 100’s. I’d ask them to restart your Apache instance to see if that helps at all.

Our VPS is more than 48 hours down or with problem. Now I’m getting internal errors and messages about wrong permissions. This was real bad, my server is homie-vserver232 and one of our domains that still with problems is

Yes it is that site, and

And yes, it’s HTML.

I’ve even tried enabling cloudflare, but that’s made no difference.




Are the Perl scripts reading from flatfile or from a MySQL database?

If flatfile, then there’s init lag. If MySQL, then there’s a network problem.

Obviously but

  1. Things were far better on the old machine
  2. I don’t use MySQL
  3. The index.html file uses neither Perl no MySQL and that timesout.


The events box requests a database connection via Perl at the index.html page.

Have you looked at your error logs?

Hi minholi,

I can see loading well now, and I’ve also noticed that the restore on your server is complete. If you happen to run into any trouble with that domain again, please let us know, as your panel message suggests. Thanks!