Move to DreamPress?

I am a website administrator for a small company. I was hired this year, experienced with HTML, but still learning WordPress. The site was developed by a very small company, essentially one guy. He is nice, smart, but not reliable. Just recently, I found out that he does not back up the site. So when the site went down, it was down for more than a day until he fixed it. Sometimes he answers emails, other times not.

So it is time to move on. I’m growing more comfortable with installing plugins and modifying code – but I need a backup system. Just now, I manually copied up key folders on his server to our on premise server. So I know how to backup, but I have not restored a site, nor have I migrated a site.

What kind of support comes with DreamPress? Do you help with migrating a site? Do you help with site restorations? What kind of support is this? A live person?

When you backup there are TWO things that need to be backed up, the files and the database.

I’ll leave the DreamPress support part of your question for someone else, I haven’t used DreamPress.

One thing to keep in mind, we’re not consultants. So the things your site developer did, we don’t do all of them.

DreamPress will give you a server customized for WordPress, caching, and we’ll help you make sure your site will work on our servers. But we’re not going to rewrite WP code for you, so you may still need a developer.

We do backup your server, btu I always strongly suggest everyone make their own backups. We have DreamObjects, which you can use for backups, or there are WP specific services like VaultPress (which work with any kind of WP hosting) that do backups in a pretty cool way.