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I’m a newbie, so forgive me for my stupid question:
since I heard that dreamhost has an excellent service, I would like to move my web site into dream-host.

since I already have an domain name, what steps should I take in order to move my domain name for my old host company into the dream-host?

thanks in advance,


You could look at this page on the DreamHost wiki which has some useful information.



If you are asking how to transfer just the domain to DreamHost (not the actual site files), then you can actually do this during the DreamHost sign-up process.

One option is leaving the domain registered at your current registrar and hosting it at DreamHost. To do this you must configure the domains DNS to point at the DreamHost DNS servers.

The other option is to transfer the domain registration to DreamHost as well. To do this you must make sure that the domain is unlocked and is older than 60 days.


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okay thanks, I think I understand now.

But just to be on the safe side, Let me know if I’m right:
First, I will need to open an account at dream-host. After that I will transfer my files (my Web content) to dream-host servers. As the last step, I’ll contact my current domain registrar and ask him to update my DNS servers to the one you mentioned:

thanks in advance,


It sounds like you have the procedure correct.

During the sign-up process you will see the option ‘I already own a domain, I just want to host it with you’, select this option and enter the domain name in the place provided.

Once your account has been approved you will receive an email telling you how to log-in using FTP. When you do log-in you will see a directory with the same name as your domain, this is where your site files go.

When everything is in place, you just configure your domains DNS to the DreamHost DNS servers (or ask your registrar to do this if they don’t provide a configuration page). After a day or so, the new DNS information should have propagated around the Internet and your new site will be active.

If you wish to test your site at DreamHost before transferring the DNS, then follow the instructions in the wiki article that Norm linked to above.

I should also point out that all DreamHost shared hosting plans come with a ‘free’ domain registration for the life of the hosting. Normally you would register this domain during the sign-up process, but you can do it at a later time if you wish.


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many thanks!!