Move site from one domain to another -both on dreamhost

Dear Dreamhost Gurus;

I’ve been running a website on dreamhost since I think 2013. However,
the domain name I used is not convenient for seniors who are not fluent with internet
browser usage. And seniors over 70 are the majority of my audience.

Today I registered a new domain name on my same dreamhost account. My website is quite large - many many photographs and several dozen web pages. Is there any way to make things so that all the content shows up when folks enter a URL of the new domain name without having to actually MOVE ALL the files to the new domain?

Thank you!


Hi Priscilla,

Not sure if this is what you need but you can cloak your new site to redirect to the old one. Here is our help page on how to do that:

Also you can redirect traffic from your new domain to your old domain. Here is some info on that as well:

If you have any additional questions just let us know, or you can submit a ticket from your panel.

I would recommend using domain mirroring.

Mirroring might be what I need. I do not want to use the “redirect” method
because I don’t want the URL in the browser window to change to the old site name
when the redirect takes place. That would only confuse the seniors who try to visit the site. But mirroring might be a very elegant way to get the results I want.