Move Multiple WordPress Installs To Another Domain?

I have several OneClick installed copies of Wordpress on various subdomains of my main site here at DH. To reduce clutter, I registered a new domain and set it up with DH on the same account. Is there an easy way to move these to the new domain and still let them be OneClick managed without losing data?

I can manually move them by logging into each Wordpress instance, installing a plugin, creating a backup using said plugin, installing Wordpress via Oneclick, and restoring the backup, but I would need to do that at least a dozen times. Plus, I may also need to modify the URLs in settings.

Can I script this if all else fails?

And you’re doing all this to reduce clutter?

No, there is no simple method for what you’re asking.

Hi RileyM3,

If you want to keep your sites as one-click installs, then yes, unfortunately you will need to create new one-click installs for the new domains or subdomains, and then manually copy over their data from the /wp-content directories of your previous installs (or you can export those things with a plugin like you mentioned), and edit the new wp-config.php files (in the new installs) to point to your previous databases. Then adjust URL settings for each from the database or wp settings.

if you’d be ok using WP’s auto-update settings instead and not having them as one-clicks, I’d suggest simply hosting the new subdomains on the same users as the current installs, and point them to the same directories. Then log into /wp-admin on the older installs, and change URL settings. You Might need to do some cleanup (via search+replace in phpmyadmin) in the database after for any old urls saved anywhere, but it would be less work.

Let us know if you have any more questions!


I just completed moving all my subdomains over by manually creating the required subdomains and creating new oneclick installs. I will be moving my WordPress data over and then I can clean out my old subdomains.

I considered using WordPress Multisite, but I’m not ready to play with that yet.

Perhaps there is a way to move an oneclick install from one domain/subdomain to another (as a new feature in the DH Control Panel?)
I was able to move my domain files to run under another user in the CP and that was super helpful!

Thanks for the help!

Note that panel function actually COPIES the files, not the MOVE function as implied by the wording in the panel. One must be careful to remove old directories/files at the old location, leave them around and it will create confusion down the road for you or someone else.

Also the way wordpress updates works within wordpress now, you almost don’t need the one click installs. I suppose it’s good to have that as a second source of update, I’m not sure how needed it really is anymore tho.