Move mail to gmail, how to set up old gmail acct

Hi everyone, sorry if I missed this somewhere. My primary email account for general life is @gmail, and I had been checking mail to my own domain via pop3 from the account. Today I moved domain email over to google apps and recreated the account @mydomain, but I still want to check the mail just using one gmail login. When I go to the account panel I was hoping that there would be an elegant way to merge it in, but it looks like I will have to log into @mydomain, set it up for pop3, and then login @gmail and set it up to pull the pop3 mail from the new google app account.

Is that for real, or am I missing something fundamentally more simple? Thanks, chris

I set my other account to forward my mail to Gmail, then use Gmail’s Settings for Accounts and Forwarding to add a second “Send As” email account. With that in place, you can read, then reply to your other account’s mail that got forwarded to Gmail.

Since I usually log into my Gmail account from my Mac’s, it’s smart enough to know which address to use as my Reply address. Double-check in Gmail when you’re replying that it’s set to Reply as the correct address. It’d be a dropdown menu in the compose mail area.

That will probably do the trick, now I just have to figure out how to set up forwarding addressed using the gmail domain manage. Thanks.