Move Joomla! 1.5


I want to move my joomla 1.5 one-click install from one URL to another one I have just bought. I have modified the template. This information must be here somewhere but I must be searching on the wrong thing.

I may not be clear in this explanation, so let me have another crack at it. has one-click installed with my modified tempalate and content.

I just set up to be fully hosted. How do I get my Joomla site onto my new site? I don’t want to just
mirror it. Thanks.


Are both domains hosted in DH? If so, you can use unix command mv to migrate your Joomla.

For example:

this is your old domain: /home/username/olddomain/joomla
this is your new domain: /home/username/newdomain

you can migrate joomla by moving the entire folder
mv /home/username/olddomain/joomla /home/username/newdomain

If you want to know more about unix commands, this article will be your friend.

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Did you want to preserve one-click status?

BTW, be careful when moving web applications. They tend to have their domains coded into a config file or the database and you need to follow a specific set of instructions before you just move the files.

There’s also the “redo one-click install” then “move the data” strategy that will preserve your one-click status, but you’ll have to “reconfigure” Joomla! after the one-click if you’re going to do this.

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Both domains are under the same DH user. Thanks. I shall try this mv and report back.