Move hosting from Uk provider to Dreamhost


I’m thinking of changing my hosting from a UK provider to Dreamhost. I do have DNS control of my domain and i’d rather just point that to Dreamhost rather than migrating over to Dreamhost. After talking to the guy on the phone he says I need to make the following changes to the domain.

  1. Create new ‘A’ records pointing to the new ISP’s IP addresses for www, ftp and mail.

  2. Create a new MX record pointing to the new ISP.

Currently the domain has CNAME’s set up for www, ftp and mail and one mx. These all point to a domain -, rather than an IP. For pointing the domain to Dreamhost account do I need to put in IP’s (as the service guy said) or CNAME domains?

Is any of this making sense? What do I need to do? It’s a bit over my head!

Thanks in advance.

I’m not too sure, but I will tell you what I’ve done to see if it helps.
I’ve got my domain hosted in UK ( and signed up for the free here. I set up another domain in my DH panel that said, mirrored I changed my namehost servers from my to the DH ones (provided in the knowledge base somewhere).