Move hosting & email of a foreign domain to DH, without moving domain registration



I want to move my current website and email hosting to DreamHost.
As it’s a .nl domain I can’t move the registration of the domain to DreamHost.

I am already hosting another domain at DreamHost,

I understand I have to change the nameserver setting of my registration to point to ns1/2/

The missing link for me is how I then control where the files are hosted.
I think I can create a subdomain in, e.g.
But how do I control that requests end up at
And will this be transparent, i.e. the user will only see URLs in his browser (I only use relative URLs in my HTML/JS)?

Then how do I migrate my email hosting?
Which records in my registration should I change? MX, CNAME, A records?



Changing the DNS passes full control of the domain over to your account here. You’re basically just using a registrar to maintain your ownership of the domain.


Yes, I understand that.
For me the missing piece of the puzzle is how requests end up at the right place.
If someone visits, that requests ends up at DreamHost as I’ve changed the nameservers of my registration to ns1/2/
But where does it end up?
DreamHost doesn’t know about my registration, as they’re not my registrar.
So somewhere, somehow, I have to make the link.


Is this the trick, redirecting through CNAME?
Assume is my current domain, and I create a subdomain in my existing  NS  NS  NS  A      CNAME  CNAME


No. Since you ahve set the nameservers to dreamhost management, go to manage to manage domains in the panel and add the .nl domain as fully hosted. As mentioned, Hosting and registrar services are two different things.[hr]
delete the cname records first, they will conflict.


Ah, I see, that’s just too simple! :slight_smile:
Didn’t realize I could just enter as ‘Domain to Host’.

So I will just leave the NS and the localhost A records, and scrap the rest (including MX), correct?


Actually… if you have nameservers set to ns1/2/ at the registar then you need nothing else there… the dreamhost panel will generate everything else you need, as you add services via the panel.


Cool, thank you very much LakeRat for explaining!