Move hosting between accounts but keep domains

I did search for this but could only find references to moving domains between accounts, etc.

My question is: how do I move the hosting for 2 domains from one dreamhost account to another dreamhost account?

I want the original account to still use dreamhost as registrar, and keep paying for the registrations.

I have already logged in via FTP and grabbed the files for both sites.

I try to set it up as “Add domain…” and am told “Domain is already in our system.”

How should I progress?

You will need to remove the domain from the old account (under the Manage Domains section of the panel) before you can add it to another account.

Hi, thanks, but that won’t remove the domain registration from that dreamhost account as well?

No, that will only remove hosting for the domain. The domain registration will still stay on your account (unless it is transferred away or expires).

Fantastic, thanks so much, really appreciate it!