Move gallery2 installation to new hostname

I’m a web design primarily just dealing with the html/css end of things but I’m trying to learn about mysql and php, etc. I set up a gallery2 installation on my website for my friend, just to test it and see how it works (hostname is something like Now, they want to buy their own domain and they want their gallery to be transferred over. Both sites will be hosted with Dreamhost, both using my account. Is this easy to do? Do I just specify a new hostname for the database/gallery2 install? I’m a little bit confused about all that. I installed gallery2 and am still amazed that I got it to word, not knowing much about programming. Thanks for any advice!

If the two domains are hosted in the same account, you can simply rename the folder.

For example, if the new domain name is, just rename to And the entire site is moved to the new domain.

If you don’t want to move the entire site, you can use shell command “mc” to move a specific folder.

Have fun in Unix!

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