Move from Shared to VPS

I have few questions about moving to a VPS if someone can help please.

  1. If I move all my websites to a VPS from my shared plan, what happens money wise? I’ve paid for a year upfront but I’m only in my 4th month of hosting. Can the money that’s been paid go towards a couple of months of VPS hosting?

  2. Is the dreamhost VPS hosting unmanaged, semi-managed or managed? I have no experience in working with Linux so if something goes wrong and I’m left on my own there’s a good chance everything will be screwed lol

  3. The main reason for inquiring about a VPS is because I’m looking to buy a Fiverr Script and the requirements don’t match up with my current shared plan, I’m assuming with a VPS the PHP configuration is editable?

Thanks in advance

Have you finally been able to install FiverrScript into dreamhost? Is it compatible?

  1. If you move everything to VPS then you could probably do a deal on moving the ammounts paid over to your VPS charges.

  2. It’s malleable. By default it is semi-managed just like Shared.

  3. Depends on what you want to configure. The VPS PHP is the same as Shared by default.