Move file?

I have originally uploaded huge size of file to the root folder of mine. But apprently i wanted to move the file, which is about more than 5GB to another folder of mine. It’s impossible to redownload it again and upload it again to the desire file. Is it possible. To move the file without having download and reupload?

Log into the shell and use the ‘mv’ command.


wait. is it… you mean i have to login into the FTP account of mine? or. (i have a shared hosting plan not dedicated)
where should i enter the command? sorry but i am a newbie to internet stuff. >.<

okie i looked around the wiki. and i’ll try to figure out the problem myself first. if i still can’t do it. i’ll ask again. thanks a bunch for trying to help out.

You can move files using ftp.

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Correct. And easier, but I forgot. I use Transmit in SFTP mode and it will move a file.