Move domain and Wordpress 3.14 from another host to DreamHost



I have registered a domain and installed a WordPress 3.1.4 site with another hosting company. I would like to move the site from the other hosting company to DreamHost. I want to move everything – the domain, 16 pages, 25 posts, 67 images, 12 plugins, and the Genesis framework – into a new DreamHost installation of the latest version of WordPress (3.3.1).

What sequence of steps will accomplish this as smoothly as possible?


If your installation at your other host is via cPanel, there’s a direct importer in the DreamHost control panel. It’s not perfect (I had problems with database import), but for smaller databases, it’s probably OK.

If you must do it manually, you can just copy the installation folders to DreamHost, and export the database, then import it in the DreamHost control panel.

Sounds to me that your WordPress installation is pretty simple. I brought over 7 years of content from several sites and lived to see another day. :slight_smile:




Ah, it’s time for the wacko brigade. :slight_smile:


No it’s true, Dreamhost is in real crisis. all my sites are down since sunday and customer support seems unable to fix the problem…
i’m on miaplacidus and all customers on that server are affected as well, i also read on other threads that other servers are affected…


I didn’t see anything about that on the status page. Which other servers can you point to in threads? I’m curious.


you can read the comments of the last post


It appears from this post and other recent threads that dreamhost’s internal policy and procedure has changed, but they haven’t told us that yet. I noticed that after March 23rd things seemed to be alot quieter on than they had been recently. I wondered if they were finally over the recent hump of hardware failures. However, recent threads here in the forum seem to indicate that servers are going down still and being moved to new hardware using the same slow process as before, but they appear to no longer be “marketing” those faults for individual server issues on



Planned maintenance on ‘ash’ web server Tonight Monday, April 2nd @10pm (PDT)

  • Update Apr 2, 10:00pm PST: The move is about to start. We will continue to post here with updates. -Dan J

  • Update Apr 2, 10:24pm PST: The move has now completed. Everything went smoothly, total downtime about 10min. If you have any more trouble then please contact support through the Dreamhost panel. -Dan J[/quote]

10 minutes downtime after a Planned Move. That’s amazingly efficient!


Yeah i know! it’s funny… i think they’re mocking us though… 96 hours since all my sites went down and still counting…


The real issue is whether the need to move or fix a server becomes unusual. It is normal for server hardware to have to be replaced periodically. They don’t last forever. [hr]
OK, I assume you have a backup of your sites. So why not just ask to have it moved to another server, and, if that cannot be done, just take your stuff elsewhere?


Are you on the ash server?


my webserver is miaplacidus and my MySQL Server is Siren, PHPMyAdmin is giving me errors when i try to export any DB

[quote]Gateway Time-out

The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.[/quote]


And support tells you what?


they denied that there is anything wrong with mysql server and they blamed me for using too much memory for my wordpress sites…
i give up… i’m tired of this, i won’t email them anymore.

[quote]The PHPMyAdmin issue can likely be resolved by clearing your browser
cache, and deleting your DreamHost cookies, and trying again. Otherwise,
you can easily obtain backups of your database, ans store them wherever
you wish, using the “Backup your account” option of the account control
panel (see You
can also backup the databases using the shell, as described at

If you have further questions, please let me know.[/quote]