Move all emails for an account to other account

Hello everybody.

There are a way to move all the email for an email account to other email account found in other hosting account.


Using IMAP, the user can sync their local computer to the mail server. Do this with the old account, then the new account.

And that’s about your only choice. Your query implies they’re moving from one domain to another, or away from DreamHost. Either way, it’s going to have to be done at the client end. Here’s one tool that works:
Or just use your mail client software (Outlook, etc.).


Thank you Scott.

Ok the only change will be the dreamhost account, but the domain will be the same.

The two accounts are on dreamhost.

If you’re moving an entire domain to another account, maybe Support can help…just as long as that other account wasn’t purchased with a Promo code, as you’re not allowed to move domains into a discount account.


Ok thank you so much.