Move a joomla site to dreamhost


I have a joomla website hosted with doteasy, and they have started filtering my email based on spf records, and/or blocking certain servers. My problem with this is that I never asked for this, nor do I want them to do it.

So, I’m thinking of moving my whole joomla site to dreamhost…problem is…how the heck do I do that?

Anyone have a link to a good set of instructions for this?



It’s relatively easy - i’ve done it a few times.

One of the things you should consider is that the DH web panel has a one-click-installer for Joomla. If you use this, your Joomla install will appear in the panel in a nice list, however if you install it manually (or copy an existing installation over), you will not see it in your list of installations - though it will still function fully.

Here’s a link to some good basic instructions

What I would advise if possible is to have a test domain with dreamhost that you can get a duplicate copy of the site running on, and only when you’re sure it works properly should point the domain at the DH server.

I would advise to have in your DH web panel (as the same user):

That way you’ll be able to “switch over” the real domain without moving files around the place from your test installation :slight_smile:


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That sounds like a great solution! How do I set up the test domain to point to root path of the real domain?

Thanks much.



Hi Jeremy,

You should go to the dreamhost panel and set up a new domain witht he same name as the one you want to move over.

Next, if you’re already got a domain set up with Dreamhost, set up a subdomain of the existing dreamhost domain as a “mirror” - this is all available in the “Manage Domains” section of

If you’ve not got a domain with Dreamhost, then you can edit the “full hosting” of your and change it to be a mirror of the domain you want to move over. - You should have already set up the domain as per the instructions above.

After this is done (and allowing for DNS updates etc), you will access your domain with the subdomain you created. When it’s all confirmed working, get the nameservers updated on the “final” domain to point to dreamhost.

You’ll need to make a few little tweaks to the domain to make sure you’re using the right domain path for when it moves over… basically change any reference to the subdomain to be referencing the correct domain directly.

It’s hard to put into words, so i hope that makes sense!


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Of course! Not sure why I couldn’t figure that out on my own, but that’s exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks much.