Movabletype with multiple sites/users

Hello there,

I wasn’t sure if this should be posted to the Programming section, so please bear with me…

I am currently using MovableType 2.21 on my DH account. I set it up with I was running just my personal site and maintaining a private journal. I’m now doing some volunteer work for a few community groups that would also benefit from having MovableType to keep their site updated.

I am having trouble, however, getting MovableType to publish to the additional domains. MT is set up on, and a new blog exists on (which has a separate user account for FTP/shell access). All the settings and paths are correct in MT for the second blog, but MT is unable to write to the specified directories for

Aside from moving the home directory for the user under, is there any way to make it so that MT, as it is set up under, can post to’s directories?

Advance apologies if this isn’t clear. Thanks!


I’m about to attempt exactly what you’re having trouble with. That is, installing movabletype on one domain, and using that installation to install and run other domains (using mysql).

A couple of weeks ago I emailed dreamhost support and asked if this was feasible. I was told it should be ‘no problem’.

I’m hoping they were right, but your post gives me a little concern.

if they are all under the same user name it’s no problem at all – it’s if the domains are under two different users you run into a problem. If you /want/ to use two seperate installs without taking up twice the space for the MT files see;act=ST;f=14;t=5305

to work on DH you’ll need to use the mixed hard & soft links solution on page 2 of the thread (yes I’m the same Crys as over there)