MovableType permissions problem

Hi, I’ve installed MT and everything was working fine until I went to “rebuild” for the first time. I get this error:

Writing to ‘/home/.escadasybianheater/rubyji/’ failed: Opening local file
’/home/.escadasybianheater/rubyji/’ failed: Permission denied

(The error was originally with “…/www/” but I screwed around and got that to go away.) MT says I need to either change the directory’s permissions to 777 or change the mt.cfg file to add “NoTempFiles 1”.

I did the latter to no effect. When I changed the directory’s permission, all of MT breaks and I get 500 errors instead of scripts.

What am I doing wrong? TIA for any help…

OK, I think that I have figured out why 777 was breaking everything. DH’s suexec means that even directories that scripts are in be 755. I am still getting all kinds of permission problems, for example:

Writing to ‘/home/rubyji/’ failed: Opening local file ‘/home/rubyji/’ failed: Permission denied
[when I ‘rebuild’]

mkdir /home/rubyji/ Permission denied at lib/MT/FileMgr/ line 104
[when I publish]

Anyone got a clue about this?

Not too helpful an answer (I don’t know a lot about Movable Type), but I’d check out:

(written by a forum member) This, and the Gallery howto at the same site are really useful and hopefully will make it into our kbase soon.

Also, search the forum archives for Movable Type if you haven’t already, as I think this particular issue has been discussed before.

Thanks for the tip. We used those instructions from wombatnation extensively in the installation process.

Here’s how I ended up resolving this problem: I couldn’t seem to give MT premission to create files in this folder, so I created the files myself and then it worked fine.