MovableType Installation Stall

Hey Guys,

I’m sorry if this problem has been answered before, but I haven’t been able to find a solution specific to my problem and I’m very new at installing blogging software.

Ok, so the problem is that when I tried to install MovableType into DreamHost following the instructions I found here (, everything seems to go smoothly until I get to a page where is just says, "

Initializing database…
Starting installation…

Version 3.33 Copyright © 2001-2006 Six Apart. All Rights Reserved. "

and nothing else happens. It just sits there. I know I created the database correctly (as I can see it at and the permissions on my FTP are correct, and the “System Check Page” came up with “go ahead and start installing.”

Does anyone know what I’m talking about and can help?

Thanks. - BV

Ok, this page [] might help you in resolving this, but I can’t be sure since I did it specifically for scheduling posts.