MovableType - Entries not displaying

Hi everyone.

I can’t tell exactly when this happened, but I discovered the problem when I was editing my index template to include a silly little image. After rebuilding and reloading the page, not one of my blog entries showed up on my site (

Just to make sure I didn’t make some bonehead HTML mistake, I blew away my template with the default MT Index template, and they still would not show. I checked with Firefox, Safari and IE, just to make sure it wasn’t a cache or browser-specific issue.

I can see my database in phpMyAdmin when I go to, and all the data is there. I double-checked my mt.cfg and the settings are correct for MySQL, and the password is correct.

Anyone have any ideas? I’m not sure what may be the problem. I know that MySQL was recently upgraded to 4.0, but I don’t want to single it out as the problem until other possibilities are exhausted.

Thanks for your help!

  • Chris

Chris Brentano | |

Also, on a weird note, I posted a new entry and it displayed, but none of the others are showing up.

I’m going to try an export/import in MT and see if that resolves the issue.

Chris Brentano | |

Nevermind – it was a stupid MT setting that I overlooked. Case closed.

Thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Chris Brentano | |