MovableType conueries consumption

MovableType can be installed on DH servers, right? Does MT use up many conueries? Thanks.

It’s all relative to what you mean by many. Here’s some rough data for my blog.

My MT blog doesn’t get that many hits, limited mostly to hapless Google searchers. I post a couple times per week, on average. I get about 250 page requests per day for files in my blog directory. Of course, they are getting static HTML served up to them, so it is really just when I am editing, publishing, and administering my blog that I am hitting the database. At least, I think so.

The control panel is estimating I will use about .014 conueries for my blog’s database for this monthly cycle. On the sweet dreams plan, you get 10 conueries.

For comparison, I will probably burn through about 375 MB of bandwidth this cycle. While low, .375/25 is about an order of magnitude higher than .014/10. Even when you factor in that only about 1/2 of the site bandwidth is due to my blog, it’s still a big difference.

I’ve been using MT for a while now (about a year) and have never bothered using the SQL database for it. Is there that much of a benefit? I get about 500-600 unique hits a day, so my site’s not completely dead and I’ve never seen a problem.

There’s a distinct risk of a Berkley DB getting corrupted; it’s much harder to move to a different host; there are assorted plug-ins, and scripting tricks that only work with MySQL…

Hm, I’ll have to check the MT forums to see if it’s easy to convert to a SQL database for an already set site. Thanks for the info.