MovableType 3.1.7 probs due to no CGI-BIN directory


I just signed on with DreamHost and I’m trying to setup MovableType. I’ve successfully installed it on several servers at work, both OS X Server 10.3 and RedHat 7.3 with no problems.

Now when I try to install it at DreamHost, the install gets screwed up because there is no CGI-BIN directory outside of the publicly accessible root web directory. And it seems DH is running CGIwrap for extra security.

How do you install MovableType in this environment?

  1. I tried creating a CGI-BIN in the root web directory and installing MT there, but the DB abd all the CGI are exposed.

  2. I then tried creating a PUBLIC-HTML directory in the domain folder and tried change that to the root web directory. Didn’t work.

  3. Should I not worry about secure directories at all and NOT follow the MT install instructions and put everything into a single _movabletype directory and run everythign from there? Is that secure?

Any help would be appreciated…


This famous Installing Movable Type at DreamHost guide, written by a fellow DreamHost customer, may be of help to you.
All the best -

Also, you really should use a mysql database - not berkley as it sounds like you were talking about that.

and CGI wrap will only effect MT if you enable it in the mt.cfg file.


I’m going to second that link! It got me through my MT installation with only a minimal amount of screaming/hair pulling/etc!

Definitely go MySQL. Also, you don’t need a cgi-bin here at Dreamhost.

Good luck!

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